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How many ways can propane enhance your life? Let us show you!


Only the best propane service and products for our customers

Everyone at O’Nealgas is committed to bringing you all the good things that propane has to offer. From dependable propane delivery and convenient tank refills to professional installation of high-end outdoor kitchens and appliances, O’Nealgas has the experience and the expertise to enhance your lifestyle.If you currently use propane for heating or cooking, or if you are interested in adding propane to your energy mix, the experts at O’Neal are here to help. Our convenient Autofill program means you never have to check your tank or call for a delivery, and we will also deliver during the summer, when propane prices tend to be lower.

Our service department is staffed by certified professionals who are trained to install and service everything we sell—including tanks, appliances and water heaters. We install above ground or underground propane tanks, and we can modify your current propane system to adapt to your changing needs. No matter what we do for you, safety is our #1 priority.O’Nealgas serves twenty parishes in Louisiana and five counties in Arkansas. We encourage you to stop by our showrooms in Choudrant, Bossier City, Columbia or seven other locations. To learn more, please contact us today.

Why Propane?

Propane is an efficient, powerful, portable, versatile source of energy. View our Propane 101 guide to learn more.


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