Simplify your propane delivery with Seasonal Delivery from O’Nealgas

January 2018 was the coldest month in 20 years here in Louisiana ¬– and experts say this summer might be one of the hottest on record. So how do you order propane in this crazy, seesaw weather?

Tankless water heater

What Is a Propane Tankless Water Heater?

If we asked you to imagine a water heater in your mind’s eye, it would probably look a lot like a giant, ugly tin can.

Propane grill grease fire

Three Keys to Preventing Grease Fires on Your Propane Grill

A grease fire can happen to any griller, advanced or beginner – and every one of them is dangerous. But with proper preparation and propane grill maintenance, you can prevent just about every one of them – and know what to do if one does happen in your backyard.

Why propane equipment repairs are NEVER a DIY job

It seems like everyone these days is a DIY-er, armed with the knowledge and skills to fix just about any home appliance after watching a few YouTube videos.

Green eco-friendly house

Five Reasons Why Propane Is the Smart Way to Power Your Louisiana Home

If you’re an O’Nealgas propane delivery customer (or want to become one), you probably already know that we’re big fans of its amazing performance and impeccable safety record.