Checking for leaks on your propane gas grill – the soapy water test

We’ve been talking a lot about your propane grill on this blog lately, including how to incorporate it into an outdoor kitchen, how to use it to cook healthier food, and more.

But nothing is more important than knowing how to use your propane grill safely – and one of the most important safety checks you can make is a leak test for your propane cylinder, regulator and hose.

The good news is that there is a safe and easy way to test these parts for leaks: the “soapy water test.”

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Begin by making sure the valve of your propane tank cylinder is closed.
  2. Pour some dish detergent in a bowl of water or a spray bottle.
  3. Using the spray bottle or a sponge, apply the soapy water to the entire hose assembly, including the tank’s valve and regulator.
  4. Open the valve of your propane cylinder without turning on your grill. This pressurizes the hose.
  5. Check the entire line running from the gas cylinder valve to where the hose attaches to your grill. If there is a leak, you’ll see bubbles forming – and you might even smell rotten eggs.
  6. If you see bubbles or smell rotten eggs, shut the cylinder valve immediately. Do not use the cylinder until the leak is fixed, or until the cylinder is replaced.
  7. If you do not detect a leak, simply rinse off the assembly with clean water and let it drip dry.

Be sure to check for leaks this way at the beginning of the season, and any time you replace or refill your propane tank.

Grill safe this spring and summer, and remember: if you need a refill for your propane cylinder, stop by one of our convenient