Listen to Your Water Heater!

Water heater

Your propane water heater doesn’t complain much. Most of the time, it just works away behind the scenes to provide the hot water your need to wash your clothes, dishes, and… well, yourself!

But sometimes your water heater does complain – and if you’re a good listener, you can actually understand what it’s complaining about.

Here are four sounds your water heater might make, and what they mean for your equipment:

Whatever the sound and issue turn out to be, our expert water heater repair technicians will get the problem fixed quickly and professionally the first time so you can get back to using your water heater right away. If it makes more sense to replace rather than repair your equipment, we can help there, too, with expert installation of high quality, high-performance water heater systems from trusted manufacturers like Rinnai and Rheem.

Does it sound like you need a new water heater or professional water heater service? Contact the pros at O’Nealgas today!