Cozy up to a vent-free firebox from White Mountain Hearth. Available in Deluxe, Premium, and Select designs, these products are designed to fit your home. As a division of Empire Comfort Systems — a family-owned business that’s been in the gas-fired hearth products industry since 1932 — White Mountain Hearth is a trusted brand with a solid track record.

Breckenridge Deluxe

White Mountain Hearth’s Breckenridge Deluxe collection is designed for tight spaces. Choose from 32, 34, and 36-inch sizes and a louver or flush face.

Breckenridge Premium

White Mountain Heath’s Premium firebox collection offers a generous depth of nearly 22 inches and a tall opening. Choose from a louver or flush face and opt for a lighting kit for added ease of use.

Breckenridge Premium See-Through

The Breckenridge Premium see-through vent-free firebox provides a stunning visual effect and serves as an efficient heat source. Choose to install your see-through firebox against one wall (peninsula-style) or between two rooms that share a single wall. Options include traditional louver or flush-face styles.

Breckenridge Select

As the largest firebox in the Breckenridge collection, the Select firebox will make a statement in a space. The tall, deep firebox can accommodate a large log set. The Select firebox also includes an optional lighting kit.


We supply vent-free fireboxes from Monessen, a brand known for its aesthetically appealing and high-quality hearth products. Monessen has been making fireplaces, log sets, inserts, and other hearth products since 1993 and is a respected brand in the industry.

LoRider Designer

Select a see-through or peninsula-style of the LoRider Designer firebox to create a dramatic view of your firebox from almost any angle. Ranging from 35 to 42 inches in width, the LoRider style is fit for medium-sized spaces.


The tallest of Monesson’s different firebox styles, the LoRider allows you to choose almost any log set. Choose from 37 or 41-inch width options.


Make a statement with the Magnum firebox. Perfect for large rooms, this firebox measures 47 inches in width, nearly 38 inches in height, and just over 18 inches in depth.


The sleek zero-clearance design of the GCUF GRUF firebox makes it perfect for the modern home. Choose from widths of 41 or 47 inches.


Cozy up to fireboxes from Buck Stove, a reliable hearth products company with more than five decades of experience. Buck Stove’s fireboxes are handcrafted in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and are known for their classic, traditional look.

Zero clearance

Zero-clearance fireboxes can be installed directly into an existing non-combustible wall, wood, or paneling structure, and do not require construction of a new structure. The seamless, minimalist look of a zero-clearance firebox adds a modern touch to your interior space. Buck Stove’s zero-clearance fireboxes come with a variety of options, such as thermostat and millivolt ignition and tile, rock, and marble liners.

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