American Fireglass

Outdoor living is redefined with exclusive, handcrafted outdoor furnishings by American Fireglass. Based out of sunny California, this company aims to help customers across the country experience the outdoor lifestyle their staff enjoys almost daily. American Fireglass’ original firepit tables are available in 10 distinctive designs.

Traditional firepits

Natural colors and classic finishes make American Fireglass’ traditional fireplaces perfect for the all-American home. Timeless materials like wood and marble adorn these practical yet elegant firepits.

Modern firepits

Make a statement with a modern firepit from American Fireglass. Sleek designs and simple lines make these firepits striking and sophisticated. Some of this brand’s modern designs even include stunning water features.

Contemporary firepits

Subtle yet stylish, American Fireglass’ contemporary firepits are designed to make a muted statement in your outdoor area. Add light and warmth to an evening party and impress guests with the firepit’s elegant flames.


In the hearth appliances industry for decades and specializing in outdoor fire products since 2003, Hearth Product Controls is a respected brand with plenty of experience. Products are designed and manufactured out of the brand’s Ohio headquarters. Choose from a number of firepit designs and sizes.

Copper fire bowls

Enhance your outdoor area with a copper fire bowl from Hearth Product Controls. Each bowl is fitted with a CSA-certified match-lit insert or remote electronic ignition fire pit insert. The bowls come an elegant, oil-like finish and can be either textured or smooth.

Copper fire and water bowls

Enjoy the light, heat, and beauty of fire as well as the tranquil effects of water with a copper fire and water bowl. These modern firepits include either electronic or match-lit ignition and come in smooth and textured copper finishes.


With expertise spanning more than three decades, the American Fyre by Designs team specializes in high-quality hearth products. Made from glass fiber reinforced concrete, American Fyre by Designs firepits are both practical and elegant. Add one to your outdoor space and impress guests with the golden light of all-natural fire.

Contractor’s model

This artistically-designed firepit adds style and design to the classic outdoor firepit. The contractor’s model comes as a blank slate for you to customize and design your way by adding your own stone veneer.

Chiseled firepit

The chiseled firepit has a chiseled concrete exterior and smooth rim around the top. Made from glass fiber reinforced concrete, this firepit comes in a variety of different colors.

El Dorado firepit

The sleek El Dorado firepit includes a smooth finish and comes in a variety of colors. Made from glass fiber reinforced concrete, this aesthetically appealing appliance can also endure the outdoor elements.

Warming Trends

Based In Englewood, CO, Warming Trends is a family owned and operated business that offers a wide selection of fire pit products. The heavy duty construction of its solid brass burners is complimented by the superior flame presence to offer one of the most advanced gas fire pit burners on the market.

CROSSFIRE™ Brass Burner

The CROSSFIRE™ Brass Burner by Warming Trends is a distinctive fire pit burner that utilizes cutting-edge technology to produce a taller, brighter, fuller flame. Leading the industry with a highly-engineered, precision product, Warming Trends is the original and only manufacturer of the CROSSFIRE™ Brass Burner., which is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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