Patio Heaters


Owned by the global gas appliance and heating company Bromic Group, Bromic Heating has specialized in outdoor heating solutions since 2007. Relying on the company’s patented Smart-Heat™ technology, Bromic Heating delivers elegant yet highly effective outdoor heaters.

Platinum outdoor heater

High-tech yet easy to use, this state-of-the-art outdoor heater is the only gas heater in the world that utilizes glass-ceramic technology to manipulate infrared energy. Keep your patio warm and cozy all year long with this impressive heating unit.

Tungsten outdoor heater

Powered by highly-efficient gas-fired ceramic burners, this heater utilizes an open mesh shield to prioritize performance and provide powerful heating across an impressive heating area. Keep your guests warm and comfortable all year long with this must-have outdoor appliance.

Portable heater

Enjoy heat where and when you need it with Bromic’s portable heater. Designed to be a more stylish alternative to the “mushroom” heaters, this sleek heater blends well into environments with its dark, curved appearance. Due to its high-intensity ceramic burner and placement, this heater performs very well.

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