Propane Tanks


Enjoy the benefits of propane while preserving the look of your outdoor area by purchasing an underground tank for your home. Our team can help you decide which size of underground tank is most appropriate for your family or business — and with our autofill program, maintaining your underground tank will be a breeze.

Underground Tanks

Underground tanks can offer aesthetic and efficiency advantages over aboveground tanks, due to their location. If you want to save space in your yard or minimize the appearance of a propane tank, and underground tank might be the best choice. O’Nealgas offers underground tanks for purchase.


Our aboveground tanks are reliable, practical, and easy to use and maintain — especially if you sign up for our autofill program. Let one of our trusted team members help you determine which size of tank is most appropriate for your propane needs. We offer everything from small propane tanks for your home grill to commercial-sized tanks for business operations and construction. Contact us to learn more.

Aboveground Tanks

Aboveground propane tanks come in a variety of sizes and can be discreetly stored in our outside of your home. By simply checking the gauge regularly, you can maintain your aboveground tank and schedule refills. O’Nealgas offers rental and purchase options for your tank.

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