Propane Safety


Keeping Your Home Safe

When maintained and monitored properly, propane tanks and appliances do not pose a threat. In order to keep your home safe, here are some propane safety tips:

  • Do not let your underground or aboveground tank run out of propane
  • Do not allow unqualified personnel to service your propane system or appliances
  • Do not tamper with gas controls on appliances
  • Have wet or flooded appliances and controls serviced immediately
  • Do not light pilot lights in areas where there are strong odors. Completely ventilate the area before lighting pilot lights.
  • Repeated pilot light outages could indicate a hazardous condition

How to Read a Propane Tank Gauge

Letting an underground or aboveground tank run out of gas is the most common safety hazard. Monitor your propane supply by checking the tank gauge regularly. The gauge is located under your tank hood. The needle will point to the amount of propane (expressed as a percentage) remaining in your tank.

When your tank reaches 30%, call O'Nealgas for a refill. Or, enroll in our auto-refill program to make sure you never run low!

What to Do if You Smell Gas or Suspect a Leak

If you suspect a leak, take action immediately. Here are steps to follow if you suspect a propane leak in or near your home:

  • Put out all smoking materials and open flames
  • Do not operate any appliance switches or thermostats
  • Get everyone outside and away from gas equipment
  • Shut off gas supply using the shut-off valve at the tank or cylinder
  • Call O'Nealgas immediately
  • Stay outside and away from gas equipment until leak has been found and fixed by specialists
For Emergencies Call: 318-255-5395


  • A propane emergency is when you suspect a leak or feel in danger — not when you simply run out of gas.

More Resources

Visit the Propane Education & Resource Council's safety page and download our Safety Data Sheet for more information.

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